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Cenè International is born in Venice and has expanded quickly throughout Italy. The development of worldwide relations is the focus of this 100% made in Italy company, that actively cooperate with important Institutions. Cenè International promote import and export activities in cultural, artistic and business areas, taking pride of the highly experience and professionality of its staff.  The aim of Cenè International is to establish foreign synergies and partnerships, in order to attain the highest goals in the cultural, artistic and commercial areas.

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Cenè International has an excellent know-how in business areas, and provides worldwide support for import-export activities and for the organization of national and international trade shows. Cenè International represents the landmark for marketing and business development of several areas, such as tourism and business. 

Cenè International represents the best partner for exporting abroad the finest art exhibitions. The institutional relationships built over the years allow and encourage the import of foreign art in Italy and, at the same time, the worldwide export of the italian art excellences. In order to promote the permanence of foreign customers, Cenè International provides assistance and support services. 

Cenè International wants to introduce a series of partner companies in order to develop the project in the best way in China, with seriousness, professionalism, respecting the deadlines imposed in the contract.